November 2018 – Writing for healing purposes
The 13th of October was a special day, where I met my students who are all are participating in my ‘Writing for healing purposes’ course at Österlens Folkhögskola. To look within and to open up by writing it down, takes a lot of courage. Author Johanna Hildebrand came to visit and shared her writing journey with us resulting in the book Love-Fear 1-0. I’m grateful and humbled as always to be a guide in the process, carefully and gently walking alongside each group.


April 2018 – Radio P4 guest
I was invited as a guest at Radio P4 Kristianstad midmorning show on the 6th of April, where I had the opportunity to talk about therapeutic writing, something I’m genuinely passionate about and the course I’m about to start at Österlens Folkhögskola this autumn. Listen here.

March 2018 – Apply to my course Writing for healing purposes at Österlens Folkhögskola
Good news!
It is now possible to apply to my course Writing for healing purposes at Österlens Folkhögskola.
Application period ends on the 15th of April.
Course starts on the 3rd of September.


“This course has made me understand the power and force behind and during the writing process.”
“Today I take myself and my memories and reactions more seriously.”
“It’s been painful to go on an inner journey but today I feel more ready to meet my emotions. I have grown and I look at my writing in a new light.”

December 2017 – A few testimonials from my course ‘Writing for healing purposes – a journey through Write Your Selfs methodology” which i taught through Medborgarskolan this autum. Three evening courses in three locations. Three different groups, all with their uniqe and moving life stories. I’m beyond grateful for what they have brought to the classroom and I’m very moved when saying farewell.

My final words for them, a quote by Maya Angelou; “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”


Workshops in therapeutic writing at INTRA in Rochester

A few weeks ago, I ran a couple of workshops in therapeutic writing at INTRA in Rochester as part of the art project SICK – Living with an invisible illness. It was an emotional and heartwarming day where we explored The Write Your Self methodology.

Photo: Rikard Österlund


A certified Write Your Self guide

I’m now officially a Write Your Self guide, and a new journey is about to begin.
This means that I’m entitled to guide people to write their stories and reclaim their voices through Write Your Self’s acclaimed trauma sensitive methodology, consisting of a eight step writing process.


Workshop in Rochester

On the 8th of July I’ll be running a workshop for people who want to begin telling their stories and exploring healing through writing. This will be taking place at INTRA in
Rochester as a part of the art project Sick! Living with Invisible Illness, to encourage an open and honest dialogue, to reduce the stigma and loneliness of living with a chronic condition and facilitate understanding and empathy.


Workshop in creative therapeutic writing at the Swedish Church in London

My workshop in creative therapeutic writing according to the Write Your Self methodology in the Swedish Church in London this spring has been postponed until the autumn.

More information will follow soon.


Write Your Self

I’m very grateful and humbled to have received a scholarship from Write Your Self, a global writing movement that helps people reclaim their voices and stories after experiencing trauma.
This means I have gained a licence to teach their acclaimed pedagogic method which they have developed.

I believe deeply in writing as a therapeutic tool, which is something I’ve had the opportunity to explore in the last year, this scholarship is a wonderful chance for me to develop this further.

For more information


A Swedish Publishing Award

I’ve contributed as a columnist to Kyrkobladet, The Swedish Church in London’s magazine, for the last three years, a publication that I’m proud to be a part of. Recently, Kyrkobladet was awarded second place in the Swedish Publishing Award (Svenska Publishing-Priset) in the category of Community magazines (Medborgartidningar). An amazing honour!

The theme for this particular issue was Grief and longing, were I was also interviewed in a very personal piece about the loss of my mother and our journey together during the final year of her life.

To read the whole issue, follow the link below.

Svenska Publishingpriset



Finally! I’ve completed my teaching course in creative writing in Sweden!

Grateful and happy to be able to announce that I’ve now completed my teaching course in creative writing in Sweden. To be a writer can be a very lonely job and to meet other writers is therefore almost magical and I will miss my coursemates dearly. To teach and tutor the joy and the obstacles of the creative writing process is a new path for me and a dream I’ve had for years that has now become true. I feel both humbled and privileged to take the first steps on this new and exciting journey.

Skurup klassfoto


Anthology for mcch – Pathways to Wellbeing

I’m very pleased to present the anthology I have produced together with the charity mcch – Pathways to Wellbeing in Deal. It’s been a wonderful experience to get to know these writers who have astounded me with their courage to open up their hearts in the most beautiful of ways. I’m looking forward to carry on working for mcch, this time with a new group of writers in Dover.

mcch anthology


Nordic Focus Art Festival in London 2016

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be taking part in the Nordic Focus Art Festival in London in January and February next year initiated by Bilingual Potential. Together with acting coach/director Malin B. Erikson, I will run a series of creative writing and drama workshops for Anglo-Swedish children and teenagers age 9-19 years. We will explore the wonderful world of creative writing under the theme “Dreams, Keys and Hidden Treasures”, then explore these stories through drama. I’ll also run my own individual creative writing workshops during the festival. More info to follow!


Creative writing workshops

My first ever creative writing workshop in Deal have come to an end next week and it’s now time to promote future workshops. There’s more to come – hopefully in both Deal, London and Sweden. More information will follow soon

EmelieHillDittmer-BW-7730 (1)

Photo by: Rikard Österlund


The Premiere Screening

The premiere screening at The Swedish Church in London on the 27th of October was a big milestone for us. It was great to meet the audience and to receive such lovely feedback. We are immensely grateful for the support we have received from The Swedish Church in London, The Anglo-Swedish Society and SWEA London. A special thanks to film director Jonas Grimås for moderating the event.

Photo by: Michal Obuchowski


First official screening of Nordic Folksong – 27th of October

My colleague Andreas Lindström and I are holding a screening of our documentary series project Nordic Folksong on the 27th of October at The Swedish Church in London where we will also tell you more about our ongoing project with a Q&A.

This will be the first official screening of our first documentary where we will meet Tommy Franzén, dancer & choreographer. Also previewed will be part 2 featuring Maria Smedstad, a cartoonist & illustrator and the trailer of part 3 featuring Pernilla Iggström, an artist & curator.
After the screenings there will be a panel discussion with us Tommy, Maria and Pernilla.
There will also be information about the cultural scholarships from the three organisations – Anglo-Swedish Society, SWEA London and the Swedish Church in London who have all kindly supported our project.



My course at Skurups Folkhögskola has begun

I’m currently studying to attain a qualification in teaching creative writing at Skurups Folkhögskola, Sweden. Ever since I discovered my passion for writing in my early teens, it’s been a dream to one day teach other aspiring writers and I’m looking forward to put this into practice. This is a distance course and means that I’ll be traveling to Skurup on a regular basis for the next 12 months. I will also be running a creative writing workshop in Deal in parallel with the course which is a part of an exciting project which I’ll be telling you more about soon.