Course package C

Dig deeper into your story
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Price: 7500 SEK

This course is a continuation for those who have completed one of the three reflective writing courses. Ideally to have completed B or C is recommended.

We look at what was created in the foundation course and more closely at questions that came up during this process, that feel important to you and explore these further. For example, you might want to work on a longer project, which has emerged during the foundation course.

The theme for this course package is “The art of slow writing”.

We review the material that we produced in the foundation course and explore and complete in-depth exercises on a similar theme, in a gentle way we reflect on previous work and connect in a deeper way whilst moving onwards.

In parallel, we do reflective exercises that are linked to the writing diary. We take a closer look at Louise De Salvo’s and Kathleen Adam’s method books and exercises alongside other important material.

This package includes the supply of 1-2 course books as reading material.

Written response on 2 occasions and a telephone consultation, video meet up via Zoom or Skype.