Emelie Hill Dittmer is a therapeutic writing teacher based in Österlen, Sweden and has trained with some of the leading practitioners in the field. She offers online classes, workshops, one-to-one tutoring, courses and lectures. In her teaching she blends trauma-sensitive and expressive writing methods developed both in the US and England, along with her own material.


Courses, workshops and events

15th & 22nd of May 2021
The Trauma Sensitive Writing Process: Transgenerational Trauma – In-Service Training for Essential Therapy Training UK.

9th – 11th of July 2021
Yoga and Writing for healing purposes – retreat in Österlen, Sweden.


Training event for Essential Therapy Training UK – May 15 and May 22

I’ll be hosting a training event for Essential Therapy Training UK on the 15th and 22nd of May. The title is The Trauma-Sensitive Writing Process and Transgenerational Trauma, which is very much the core of my teaching style. This marks a seven year long journey of teaching, writing and investigative work. It’s been a deeply […]

New reflective writing course together with Freezonen and Viskadalens folkhögskola. Course start March 15

I’m pleased to announce my collaboration with Freezonen, a Women’s Aid and Crime Victims charity and Viskadalens folkhögskola, a new course entitled Reflekterande skrivande – Reflective writing. The first of it’s kind, the course will utilise reflective writing for people exposed to violence and/or experiences of domestic violence. Start date is the 15th of March […]


The following online courses are aimed at those of you who wish to explore your history and inner world at your own pace. These various packages are based on Write Your Self’s trauma-adapted writing method, supported by American scientific research in the fields of psychiatry, social psychology and the practice of writing. Included are also other therapeutic writing methods developed by both myself as well as other leading practitioners in this field. Click on each individual course for more information, such as prices and course content.

All course packages are delivered via email and include telephone consultations and written response. Each cours is available in both Swedish and English. All courses are designed to span 14 -20 weeks, however a course programme can be shortened or lengthened to fit your requirements.

Each course package has a limited number of spaces on a month to month basis. Please contact me for more information.

Reflective writing - exploring your heart's voice

Course Package A
  • Reflective writing - Exploring your heart's voice
Course Package B
  • Reflective writing - Exploring your heart's voice
Course Package C
  • Reflective writing - Exploring your heart's voice

Dig deeper into your story

Course package A
  • Dig deeper into your story
Course package B
  • Dig deeper into your story
Course package C
  • Dig deeper into your story

An introduction to Reflective writing – Taster package

The first three steps of the Write Your Self eight step foundation program.

Workshops & Lectures

Are you interested in a workshop-series or a lecture? I will tailor a package for your specific needs, interest and target group.